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The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is a collective of passionate individuals, moving together to create a world free of MS. The success of Bike MS depends on volunteers like you! Each volunteer’s contribution, large or small, is critical to the success of the event. Volunteers provide key support to Bike MS all year, from serving on planning committees to overall support at the event. Volunteers are the helping hands that make the event possible! When you join the Bike MS Volunteer crew, you become a part of Bike MS. Together, we will provide support, raise money, have fun, and make a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in participating as a volunteer. There are many volunteer opportunities at Bike MS; families, corporate groups and individuals are encouraged and welcome to participate. Some volunteer positions require a criminal and/or DMV background check. Below are some examples of Bike MS volunteer opportunities.



Route Volunteers

Route Flagger

Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location. Average shift is three hours.
Route flaggers will be positioned near rider village and along the route to help cyclists cross intersections and navigate safety hazards. Shift times will differ based on the flagging location. Maps and all supplies will be provided and volunteers will need to provide their own transportation to the flagging location. All flaggers must be at least 18 years old.

Rest Stop

Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location. 
Groups of volunteers help set up and operate the rest stops along the route, located every 10-12 miles both days. This includes rest stop set up (tables, chairs, snacks, water, etc., all provided by the National MS Society), offering the snacks and water to cyclists as they pass through, and thanking the participants and encouraging them on their way!


Rider Village Volunteers

Team Row Concierge

Friday | Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location.
The top fundraising teams for Bike MS earn VIP treatment and celebrate on Team Row. Volunteers are stationed at the Team Row Concierge tent to assist teams with set-up, registration, celebrating these teams' great achievements, and other various tasks! If you are interested in supporting a specific team, please contact for more information.

Bike Corral

Friday | Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location.
In teams, volunteers will check bicycles in and out of the Bike Corral before and after the ride each day.


Friday | Saturday: shifts vary based on location.
Volunteers will direct riders and volunteers to designated event parking areas.


Friday | Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location.
Assist with rider check-in, collecting donations, distributing t-shirts and pre-registration for the 2015 event.

Start Line

Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location.
Volunteers will help event staff organize and run the waves of cyclists in the morning.

Meal Service

Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location.
Volunteers will assist catering staff with food set-up, distribution and clean-up for meals in Rider Village. A valid food handlers permit is preferred, but not required.


Saturday | Sunday: shifts vary based on location.
What does MS= to you? If you are living with MS, you've probably asked yourself this question more than once. People living with MS are coming together to share, educate and build awareness about what MS means to them. At the Champs Tent, individuals living with MS will stop by to pick up their “MS=Champions” bandana and participants will come looking for information about the programs, services and research funded by the Greater Northwest Chapter. Along the route and as cyclists cross the finish line, Champions will be on hand to welcome and thank them for their participation. Bleachers and tents will be set up at the finish line to help welcome back our amazing cyclists. Noise makers will be provided.


When you register online, you will receive the same fundraising tools our cyclists enjoy through the Participant Center. And, when you fundraise as a volunteer, you are eligible for the same great prizes available to cyclists! Fundraise today for the additional prize of having your name on the back of the Volunteer shirt in 2015!

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If you would like more information about fundraising or volunteering at the Bike MS, please contact Cara at 1-800-344-4867, press 2, then ext. 40205.

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