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Alaska Tour de Teams


Tour de Teams is a season long, friendly competition between Bike MS teams sharing similar recruitment and fundraising goals. Through four stages of various recruitment and fundraising blitz weeks, teams will have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes and lead their peers wearing the virtual Yellow Jersey. The overall winning team from each team level will be recognized with a special award at the Bike MS Rally on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Download the Tour de Teams Overview



Stage 4: Fundraising  (Apr. 21–27, 2014)

  • The team within each team level that fundraises the most during the April Blitz Week wins (donations must be received by the Society or postmarked by the 27th to qualify).
  • Individual Competition: Highest fundraiser this week wins a Major Marine Tours cruise package for two!
  • Team Prize: Team goodies for the day of the ride! Stay tuned for more details!

In addition to team prizes awarded during each stage of the Tour de Teams competition, individual participant challenges and prizes will be offered . . . . Stay tuned!


Tour de Teams
Team Commitment Benefits
Gold $20,000+ Team Goal and 15+ Members

> 1 free 2015 registration for both team captain and co-captain
> Private 10'x15' team tent with 2 tables and 15 chairs

Silver $10,000+ Team Goal and 10+ Members > 1 free 2015 registration for both team captain and co-captain
> Private 10'x10' team tent with 2 tables and 10 chairs
Bronze $2,000 - $9,999 Team Goal and 4+ Members > 1 free 2015 registration for team captain


Teams may change levels at any time throughout the competition. The team that wins the most stages overall will be the Tour de Teams Champion and captures the virtual Yellow Jersey for the level at which they ended, or at which they won the most competitions. In the event of a tie, the team within each level with the highest confirmed fundraising total as of June 30, 2014 wins.

Policy Change
Great news! Your team's fundraising total this year will PRE-QUALIFY you to join Team Row in 2015! Rookie teams will still have the opportunity to join Team Row during their inaugural Bike MS year, but all other teams must qualify in the prior year. Meaning, your 2013 fundraising goal gets you the tent in 2014, but your TOTAL raised this year, will earn you your tent in 2015.

Contact your friendly Teams Staff at or 907-331-0179.

Download the Tour de Teams Overview


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