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Join the Bike MS Passport Program!

The Passport Program is a reward for top Bike MS fundraisers, who have committed so much of your time, energy and resources to moving us closer toward a world free of MS.

When you raise $5,000 or more at one of our local rides, you qualify to participate in any of Society's 100 unique rides across the country without needing to meet the fundraising requirement ($50 registration fee does still apply).

Rides stretch from coast to coast and offer an exciting weekend get-away. Whether you're ready for an adventure out west through the desert or a peaceful ride through Martha's Vineyard, you're sure to find an adventure that matches your interests! You can even pick a ride based on a landmark you've always longed to see — cycle across the Golden Gate bridge, around the island of Manhattan, through Tanglewood Park or the Black Hills... enjoy the mountains of Sedona or the coastline of Maine... which ride will you choose?


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NOTE: Some bike rides may have limited space, so we cannot guarantee a space for riders until availability is confirmed by the host chapter.

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